Saturday, July 16, 2005

City funds appear short -

Let's blame this on the NHL and the Penguins.

And, I'll take a little of the blame too. I didn't buy a swim pool tag for our family this year. We're swimming a lot -- but not in the city pools in rec swim times.

City funds appear short - By the end of June, the city budget projected collecting $242 million in taxes, fees and donations. The city actually took in about $236 million, according to second-quarter numbers released by city Controller Tom Flaherty.
'From the revenues side, things are certainly not good,' Flaherty said.

Parking is an interesting point to note. By now we should have had a full report and coverage on the parking tax increase. Have the higher fees raised higher incomes to the city? Or not? It seems as if the City Contoller's numbers are at odds with what some of the downtown merchants and business people are saying.

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