Sunday, July 10, 2005

Hogs -- Trib and the pay raise for state reps and state senators

In Harrisburg, the hogs slop themselves. See the comments.

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Compiled by Tribune-Review staff
Sunday, July 10, 2005

Every state legislator will be wealthier as a result of the outrageous pay hike the General Assembly voted itself last week. The base salaries of lawmakers are increasing 16 percent, from $69,647 to $81,027.

Some, however, will benefit more than others. We have an inkling you're interested in who they are.

# The salaries of Republican House Speaker John Perzel of Philadelphia and Republican Senate President Pro Tempore Robert Jubelirer of Blair County will rise from $108,724 to $145,553, a 34 percent increase.

# Republican Senate Majority Leader David Brightbill of Lebanon County, Democrat Senate Minority Leader Robert Mellow of Lackawanna County, Republican House Majority Leader Sam Smith of Jefferson County and Democrat House Minority Leader William DeWeese of Greene County will get 24 percent raises, from $100,911 to $124,788.

Let's not forget the committee chairmen and vice chairmen, who currently earn the same pay as rank-and-file members. Committee chairmen will see a 28 percent pay increase, to $89,155 while vice chairmen will get a 22 percent salary boost to $85,103.

In case you're curious, the House has 26 standing committees, the Senate 22.

If you're getting the impression that hardly any members of the General Assembly will be making the minimum salary, you're correct.