Monday, July 25, 2005

Dense Comcast phone operator (S)

This conversation is being recorded for customer accuracy. Today was the day that a Comcast service guy was to set up two new phone lines. But, he only had orders to do one. His information on the unreadable computer printout was wrong information. I ordered two new lines, not one.

I want two lines, like ordered, or none. I don't want one. Most of all, I don't want TWO service charges.

Time will tell if a service manager at the call center calls me back.

The service guy who came into the house was nice, kind and understanding. He said that the second line could be activated from afar without a need to come back into the house.

I'll be paying $39.82 a month for the service. I don't want to pay two fees to turn on the service.

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Anonymous said...

Typical Comcast.