Saturday, July 30, 2005

Training Camp -- HEAT stroke

This is the time of year the footballers are getting ready to put on the pads. Steeler camp is starting. But the college, high schoolers and midgets are gearing up too. Furthermore, the women's volleyball squads are starting to hit the gyys too. Western PA has a great tradition with the great game of volleyball.

An online coaching site put out a message (pointer below) that makes sense and is worthy a replay, with slight adjustments. No matter how hard we work, or how good we are, our bodies will shut down when they can't cool themselves off, and the result can be death.

Full blown heat stroke is not new. In the past, football teams saw players fall a few times a week -- if not a few times a day. Coaches and players ran, crawled and otherwise navigated through serious conditioning drills.

Victims of heat stroke are often the one who are very strong and very healthy. The best athletes and ones who aim to impress are at risk.

In the olden days, deaths were seldom. These years, deaths are more frequent.

Lives are saved because everyone gets in tune with an emergency plan, in place before the emergency. Everyone knew what the plan was, and everyone was watching out for their buddies. In the old days, TUBS OF WATER and bags and bags of ice were at the field. Dinky ice packs aren't enough.

It's no hotter now than it was years ago, but we're not as acclimated to the heat now. There is more air-conditioning. We're heavier, and (for some reason) we think that soft drinks actually quench thirst.

Everyone on you team should know the signs and symptoms of heat illnesses and they should be prepared to act, because quick, decisive, correct action SAVES LIVES.

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