Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Triathlon results are up -- I finished.

: "235 168 TRI Mark Rauterkus 46 M PITTSBURGH PA 145 35:32 39:29 4:36 246 1:34:03 15.8 0:52 243 1:10:44 11:24 3:25:45 18/20 CLYDES 191/214 M

My total time was 3:25.45.

I was in 145th place after the swim, then I seem to let 101 pass me on the bike. Then I passed three on the run, ending up at 243rd. The bike part wasn't so fast I guess. Nor was the run, but I was still paying for the bike while in the first 2 miles of the run with a serious side, body cramp. I didn't walk after mile 2 on the run, except to drink water, take off my t-shirt -- and then pick it up later and put it back on -- and on the hill into Washington's Landing Bridge. ;/

I really have to work on the bike portion of the race.

Next year's goal: Finish under 3 hours.

More race-day pondering to come later.

It was a wonderful event. I'm glad I did it.

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Rob said...

Congrats! You did a good job.

The swimming would have killed me. You'd think someone with this much fat would be able to swim.