Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Trimmer Honsberger is still on talk radio

A trimmer Honsberger is still talk radio's heavy hitter Honsberger is more upbeat and agreeable than the old Fred. Others have told him he is even nicer to callers.

The feature on the lean and mean Fred "Honsman" H of KDKA radio was long and wide.

If he has turned a new leaf, perhaps he'll consider having me on the show as a guest?

Fred has never been one to show up in the community at events outside the S.A. -- as far as I can tell. He isn't a city guy. Perhaps he'll have a lot more events as a paid presenter for Allegh. General Hospital?


Thomas Leturgey said...

Fred H constantly makes reference to living in Monroeville. He's a stereotypical "city basher" who complains about Pittsburgh, but does little, or nothing, to aid future success.

Unless someone is a cover story in that day's Post Gazette, Honsberger will not feature guests. He is not ambitious when it comes to scheduling guests, particularly when they are not senator, city council or mayoral candidates. He's won't schedule folk heroes as guests.

With Jerry Bowyer moving on, there isn't anyone in local radio anymore willing to "take a chance" with low-to-mid-level movers and shakers.

Anonymous said...

Hons is a big mouth.