Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Worst of the worst is behind us -- and way out of my view

These guys and gals are so excited -- more so than a large-mouth bass in our rivers. More so than the Marlins who host the Pirates. More so than a married white guy with two kids.

Pittsburgh is out of the basement when it comes to lifestyles for the single.
PSVN, PUMP, Venture Outdoors and the Coro Center (and a coalition of other organizations yet to be announced) invite you to celebrate Pittsburgh's success!

We know it is short notice, but join us anyhow!

Tomorrow, Thursday, July 28th from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM - brought to you by Bossa Nova, Pittsburgh's Cool Downtown Bar for Singles and Young Professionals (providing $1.00 off drinks and free chips and salsa!)

It's official! Pittsburgh is moving up in the world of best cities for singles and young professionals. As noted by the Post Gazette and the Pittsburgh Trib, Forbes has re-ranked Pittsburgh by moving us up 11 spots towards the top! We are being recognized for, among other things, our great nightlife and cultural opportunities!

This brings us to the other half, we got hammered on "Coolness" which we totally disagree with and know that the leaders of Pittsburgh's Business, Non-profit, Education and Political Institutions can do something about it for next year. So, in addition to celebrating we are inviting you to strategize with us on launching a city-wide campaign on how to get everyone else to realize what we already know, that Pittsburgh IS Cool.

We look forward to seeing you at Bossa Nova!
I'm not sold on the fact that Pittsburgh IS kwel. And, I'm certain that being with a label that says "I'm kwel!" should be far from a top priority.

I'd rather say I'm free. Or, I'm educated. Or, I'm prosperous. Or, I'm stable among others in a sustainable community. Or, I'm rooted. Or, I'm among trusted peers. Or, I'm happily engaged in a wide-family landscape.

By the way, the best way to be cool is to live it. Deeds and acts matter, not hype nor hot-air.

Be merry!

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