Sunday, July 10, 2005

City's slip in population isn't all bad news -- sugar coated news spin

City's slip in population isn't all bad news... But lately, he's been unable to get the city to rein in nuisance bars near his home. 'I'd like to live in a small city with some normalcy,' he said....


If we have a small city feel -- why do we have the big city burdens?

If we have the quaint burgh attitude -- why do we have the big-city headaches?

If we have that kwel neighborhood character -- why do we have the overspending of a metropolitan glitter that isn't helpful, isn't prudent, and isn't going to spread the neighborhood character?

The one's in power in the past have been trying to make Pittsburgh what it isn't. We have to be what we are. We have to be ourselves. We have to be with comfort when we look into the mirror.

I'm not saying we can't aspire to greatness, work to solve the cancer problems and have our kids flourish.

We are not Disney. We are not a beach town. We are not the Big Apple. We are not just about entertainment.

Our needs and our wants have not been on the same page between those who live here and those who have been getting elected.

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