Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Letter to editor: Down right pathetic ... about the pay raise and suggestion to fix it.

It's down right pathetic that politicians from both parties conspired to give themselves an undeserved 16% pay raise when they've failed to tackle the major problems facing our state. The latest pay raise fiasco is an excellent example of the current mindset of both grand old parties..live large at the taxpayers expense.

Many people are extremely upset by these recent events and are at a loss as to what to do. I would suggest that if you want to send them a signal they won't soon forget, then change your voter registration to Libertarian. It's easy to pick up a voter registration form at any Drivers License Center or the local post office and use it to take a stand. Unless people abandon the old parties they will continue to think they have your vote in their hip pocket.

I made the change and it feels great to be part of the growing libertarian movement towards personal responsibility and constitutionally limited small government.

Ronald L. Goodman, Carlisle, PA

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