Saturday, July 09, 2005

Two additional swim pools open - splashing again in Mount Washington and in a RAD park

City to open pools in Mount Washington, Perry North ... businessman Ed Dunlap agreed to pay for operation of Ream Pool, and the city shifted sales tax funding to cover Riverview Pool...

State Rep. Harry Readshaw, D-Carrick, had sought to identify state funding for McBride Pool in Lincoln Place. But Ashley said that funding hasn't materialized.

Riverview Pool is in a RAD park. The four RAD parks should not have seen their closing as the money flows from a different source.
RAD funding is a tangle that needs to be cleared and understood. In my humble opinion, the RAD tax and the RAD board and the RAD operations need to be moderized and put into the junk heap in favor of a new, democractic, Pittsburgh Park District.

In 2004 we had Save Our Summer. Plus, the 2004 efforts saw a big donation come from Paul Renee to open the REAM pool after it was closed for two or more months. That was a band-aid.

Now we have another gracious citizen giving money to open REAM again. Well done there. But, we don't have much beyond the band-aid approach.

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