Monday, July 25, 2005

Possibility Thinking

A freind sent me this email, quoted below, that hits upon a theme of faith, change and timing. It strikes me as our family just returned from a week in Virginia (Va Tech) with an annual church camp. It is easy to call this a week of study and community.
Exercising Faith by Dr. Robert Schuller

The core of Possibility Thinking is the mental activity we call "positive assuming." Even though the idea may have been unsuccessfully tried before, you should do the following:

• Assume that the times may have changed.

• Assume that nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.

• Assume that there are solutions to the problems that have defeated the dream before.

• Assume that there are solutions to the money problems.

• Assume that costs can be cut, revenue can be increased, or the project can be refinanced over a longer period of time.

• Assume that smarter people can be either hired or invited as partners to make this challenging idea possible.

• Assume that obstructionists can be bypassed, isolated, or invited to join as partners in prosperity in a new joint venture.

• Assume that instead of a collision you could form a coalition!

Now you're exercising what religious people call faith. Faith is sometimes spelled A-S-S-U-M-E.

I've got faith that views are changing, and changes are for the better in some ways.

Case in point: My city council represenative, Gene Ricciardi, ran into my wife at the local Giant Eagle the other week. They had a nice chat and he was good to point out to her how, "Mark was right all along" when speaking about "programming" within the Citiparks programming. Gene mentioned he has seen the light, now, that the big issue is "programming" and that the kids need things to do to challenge them in meaningful ways.

Yeah! My wife couldn't do much but nod and wonder what is being done on these themes NOW?

Case in point 2: See the Lynn Cullen talk show interview posting (above) about the Land-Value Taxation conversation.

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