Saturday, July 16, 2005

Stan to get into politics?

Jon Delano wrote in his PSF email newsletter:
FoxSports broadcaster Stan Savran is taking a serious look at the race (for US Congress as a Dem to oppose Republican Congressman Tim Murphy). Stan is well-known to Pittsburgh Steeler fans as host of the "Bill Cowher Show" featuring the Steelers coach. Also looking at the race is Allegheny County clerk of courts George Matta of White Oak. Matta is about to lose his job because of county row office consolidation.

But the 1000-pound gorilla in the race, so to speak, would be (now a Dem again) Barbara Hafer, well-known to all, close to Gov. Ed Rendell, and unafraid to take on Murphy mano-a-mano. In 2004, polls done privately for Dems showed her beating Murphy in a match-up race, and the Dem consensus is that Murphy is weaker today than he was a year ago. She has not yet made up her mind and is still consulting with political leaders.

Where does Stan live? I'll have to look that up in the voter database.

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