Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Boogie Boards on both coasts

Some personal notes follow:

Catherine's talk and keynote in Colorado last week went well.

A theme talk from SUUSI (our summer church camp experience) is posted at another one of my little used blogs:

15% off Yoga/Pilates

I picked up a new AB Wheel at Big 5 sporting goods here. It was on sale. Perhaps I'll get a dozen or so for the swimmers too?

We now own sets of boogie boards on both coasts. These are great toys for the surf with the boys. But, they are too big to lug home and re-use on the following trip to the beach. Generally, we don't go back to the same places. So, we leave them for others to enjoy after we're gone.

I would love to post some digital photos -- but -- don't want to take the digital camera to the beach.

We visited with Colin, Mary and their kids last night at their home -- with a swim pool. Great time. Their youngest was adopted last year from China. She is sweet. I started to teach her a few favorite sign language words: boy, girl, mom, dad, shoe.

Colin and Mary were talking to the boys about the Space Shuttle's foam. The vibration and temp changes help to knock off the foam from the rocket. Colin pointed out that if the foam fell off and didn't hit the shuttle, everything would be fine. Foam, how big is it? Mary said that if one looks real close you'd see the word, "kowabunga." Boogie boards are glued to the side of the rockets.

White caps, foams, waves, wipeouts, crabs, vanity license plates, -- it is all washing over us now as the tides shift.

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