Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Henry Haller's Letter to the Editor about GWB and GOPers of history

To the Editor:

As a high school student, I was inspired to take an interest in politics by the 1964 Presidential campaign of Barry Goldwater, and thus I must take issue with David Shribman's assertion that "the Republicans eventually embraced the Arizonan's creed." (Revolution of '64, PG, July 31) In fact, the administration of George W. Bush more resembles that of Lyndon Johnson than it does any hypothetical Goldwater administration.

First there is the spending. While Senator Goldwater advocated reduced spending, President Bush increased spending by 33 percent in his first term - more than any President since Lyndon Johnson. Senator Goldwater was an advocate of states' rights; he would have found appalling the Bush administration's attempted intervention in the Terri Schiavo case, and the Bush Justice Department's crack downs on medical marijuana and assisted suicide. Finally, Senator Goldwater was a firm supporter of the Bill of Rights, and would never have signed a bill such as the Patriot Act that violates our First and Fourth Amendment rights. These are only a few of the many ways in which Senator Goldwater was far more libertarian than these so-called conservatives of today.

Henry Haller

Personally, I didn't get into politics to any great degree at such a young age. I always voted and cared a great deal about "communities" -- but did little "study" of the editorial and op-ed views until I became a student of journalism with a news/editing degree at Ohio University.

Good points with the letter, Henry.

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