Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Council election set

A press release is about to be delivered.

The wrong date was picked. The election should be February 28. Do it early. Get it over.
Council election set: "A special election to replace former city Councilman Gene Ricciardi will be held March 7, council President Luke Ravenstahl said yesterday.

That date drew fire from Councilman William Peduto, because it falls during the University of Pittsburgh's spring break, and many of the affected district's registered voters are Pitt students. He said thousands of young people 'would be denied the opportunity to vote on the 7th' and urged that it be held March 14.

I aspire to get the college vote. Same too with getting the vote from the city residents as well. But, we need people to vote. The college students are a big part of everyone's lives.

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