Saturday, January 28, 2006

Democrats to choose City Council nominee -

Today's ink in the Trib.
Democrats to choose City Council nominee - Political activist Mark Rauterkus, of the South Side, is running as a Libertarian.
The news behind the news is that Ed Jacob is out, as I had assumed since Thursday when he was a no-show at the candidate event.

I am sure that there are two others in the race as recently switched former Ds.

The other buzz centers upon what Ds are going to do once they do not get the nomination. Both Jeff Kock and Pat Sweeney said that they'd pull out of the race if they don't get the endorsement from the closed secret ballot old-party choice. Krane is in regardless, so he says.

The ones who don't get the endorsement are going to need to get their signatures on their nomination papers on Monday, the day the papers are due.

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