Sunday, January 29, 2006

Ds decide. My chance of winning city council's seat just hit the fast lane.

The Democrats in the 3rd Council District voted to give its endorsement for the special election.

All in all, my chances as a Libertarian of winning the election on March 14, just zoomed to hyper-drive speeds.

My forcasting was accurate, as usual. I knew that Bruce Kraus would get 3rd. In a four way race, getting third, after running as he has been for 18 months already, is bad news for the Kraus ambition to council.

To be accurate, their D endorsement was a five way race. The fifth place guy on the ballot didn't score a vote. That's the other Bruce K. So, today was a very bad day, in my humble opinion, for Bruce K and Bruce K.

In the early cycles of an election, with rookie candidates, with a large field, the thing to watch for is the "show stopper." Various show stoppers have been visible at every corner so far.

The unofficial results:

Jeff Koch = 33

Pat Sweeney = 17

Bruce Kraus = 15

Eileen Conroy = 8

Bruce Krane = 0

Pat Sweeney has said that he is out of the race if he did not win the Ds endorsement. He was wise to say that. He is no fool. Sweeney lives to fight another battle in another time. He did well for himself. He had a good bit of support.

I'd love to get the supporters of Pat Sweeney to help me in my campaign. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, Bruce Kraus has been working all the angles for months. He's been meeting and greeting and taking cakes to senior centers -- to little avail. But, there is no love loss between Krause and the D's victor. Krause is going to ponder what to do next. It isn't clear if he is going to stay in the race or get out of the race. He has waffled on the issue and not made a clear statement on various instances. He is now at a fork in the road.

I would love to get the support of Krause on my side too -- with that of Sweeney.

If, and this is a big "IF" -- Sweeney, Kraus and Eileen Conroy all helped me for the next month and a half -- I'd win the election in a landslide. If they help me for the last two weeks of the campiagn -- then -- I might still win with a super-majority.

And, there are others still on the sidelines with bench strength. Two other guys are sure to have their paperwork in to the office for Monday's 5 pm deadline, plus the two that are already there.

A log jam is still brewing with the ballot. And, that's still good for my side as well. In a busy field, I can win the race and not get the majority of the voters.

I think I stack up well with Mr. Jeff Koch. Education and the youth are very important to me. Koch was, by far, well advanced with the others in terms of an association with kids, recreation and schools. The others are way behind in those populations. So, today was a good day for the kids.

And, with Jeff and I in a battle -- the kids can win out in the end. The kids issue and the schools issue are now a vital battle-ground matter for the final election victory. Bring it on.

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