Monday, January 30, 2006

Deadline delivers Republican candidate

This is going to be fun.

The deadline for putting in the paperwork to the election department for getting onto the ballot was at 5 pm. The deadline delivered a new name to the mix and a number of new parties.

The Republicans put in a candidate.

I figure that there is still a bit of time for challenges and people to pull out of the race.

Furthermore, at this point in time, the fine officials at the election department don't even know if voters will see the old machines or the new ones. A meeting is slated for the morning to come to grips with what's what with the voting machines.

I'm sure we'll see an article in the Post-Gazette in the morning, if not sooner, about all the names and various parties. An interview was conducted with Rich Lord today. He was at the election counter at 5 pm as well.

Conventional wisdom says it helps me if there are plenty of people in the race.

More news after the debate / candidate night tonight. I don't think that the Republican is going to show up at the event at 7 pm at City Theater tonight. He's at work now.

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