Monday, January 16, 2006

Recap of the O'Connor team, building upon the P-G article

The O'Connor team is getting a lot of 'miles' (pun intended) about its media members.
New mayor assembles varied team to run the city
It's a role she's suited to, said her former boss, WQED President George Miles. Together they turned a 'dysfunctional' public television station into a winner, he said, by opting 'to focus ourselves back on Pittsburgh.'
QED sold QEX. QED does cooking. QED does do-whop. QED does debt even better than the city. QED does history as in what's not here any more and has its eyes trained onto the past and into the rear-view mirror.

The QED magazine, Pittsburgh, isn't mission critical. Its web portal is a yawn. The QED candidate debates, consumer affairs and public interest from that public statation are thin.

In terms of potential, QED's boss is standing on thin ice when he says they turned a dysfunctional station into a winner.

"Zero-based development" (stripping it back to its core mission and building from there) does NOT include more "green space downtown." Rather it means we take care of the parks we already have and let the cobblestones in Market Square stay as they are.

The other one to rest upon his laurels is PEN-DOT's past spokesperson. Yep, there was a time not long ago when the Ft. Pitt Bridge was being re-built (1-way) and the entire South Side could not get to the South Hills (West Liberty Ave) without first driving to downtown and getting onto the Blvd. of the Allies.

So, because one bridge was OUT one way, I had to cross TWO additional bridges rather than NONE. That was his to 'sell.'

With this rant, I sound like QED, looking into the rear-view mirror, just to kick up some recycled electronic dust.

Frankly, I'm glad to see some media types on Grant Street's team. I'm a media type and I'd like to go there to work as well. But jeepers, let's not give Ms. Leber credit for publishing THE BIBLE nor heap upon the credit to Skrinjar for being Moses' press agent during his term when he parted the Red Sea.

Then we have the "new idea person" -- one who did the flip-flop on the stadiums, perhaps. The guy spoke out for the increased taxes and for the building of the stadiums. Then he went to work for Ferlo, on the other side. So, perhaps he didn't flip nor flop, but he was certain to be in LEFT FIELD and far beyond the shaddow of #8.

I've talked about the "New Idea Factory" at the We don't need new ideas as much as we need to distill old ideas. We need to think again. We don't need to churn and burn. But, this description is just what I am looking for, a person who can "think again." Perhaps he did it with the stadiums, after Ferlo got to him.


I saw Bernie Lynch on Bob O'Connor's first day on the job at city hall. She was very sorry she did not call me back. I had called her and left a message weeks prior to ask her if she would be my media coordinator for my campaign. I wanted Bernie to be a part of my campaign and O'Connor hired her with a real job. At the time she said something was cooking, and she didn't mean the polish sausague in the sidewalk of the city-county building tailgate.

I worked with Bernie as she helped to battle Mayor Murphy and his wrongheaded downtown redevelopment plans. We crossed paths again and again including with efforts at Mt. Washington, with the Duquesne Heights Community Center, with my campaign for State Senate and even with a debate on TV by the non-QED station.

I am an idealist. I think Bernie is that as well. I'm not sure I'd call her an alturist, but I'll go look it up and ask her next time we talk.

Finally, in the article, comes new Solicitor Susan Malie. I fear to write anything about her as she's a lawyer and I don't want to get sued. She's on the city's side in terms of "defending" police brutality -- yeah, I shouldn't have typed anything -- but on the winning side for all involved when it is reported that she is to vet city policies to prevent lawsuits. The city's margin of litigation is too low. It would be wonderful if the city had a great lawyer and never used her.

When I go to city council, I'll do my best to make sure she had the most boring job in the world. She'd be so bored, that perhaps we'll give her a second job. Perhaps she'd like to be the city's designated downtown shopper. She could be the one walking around the lone downtown department store in business hours.

Then if anyone on Grant Street wants to sue someone -- we'd have to weigh the consequences of lossing our shopper. We wouldn't want to do that.


Anonymous said...

Seems like a pretty good staff so far!

Mark Rauterkus said...

Yep. In another bit of news elesewhere, I was very happy to see that PA Senator Jim Ferlo will be named to the URA Board. That's great news too. The URA needs a good shake up and Ferlo can begin to offer that.