Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Crowd noise --- lots to say

Lot's of talk around these parts about the noise in the dome -- of Indie when the men take the field against the Colt.

There is another type of noise the began in earnest today -- a campaign for city council. There are NINE participants in the race at this point.

Two forums were held today. I've got a lot to say about what was said. More to come.

And, I've been to the Columbus, Ohio arena. While you're there, check out the soccer stadium too. And, might as well go to the new OSU natatorium as well. Ohio State has already broke ground on a new swim pool. It will be one of the best in the world.

There was a tour some years ago to Indy, IN. The deligation from Pittsburgh went to tour their downtown shopping district. I've been to Indy too. That town's handle used to be the AMATURE Sports Capital of the World. The Pan Am Games, Sports Fesivals and many national championships and Olympic Trials events are in Circle City -- plus the Indy 500 of course.

The folks in Pittsburgh didn't see what they really needed to inspect. I asked questions. I read the reports.

Indy did a lot with its sports landscape -- to the benefits of its citizens as well as tourists.

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