Monday, January 30, 2006

Land rights, wetlands, eminent domain - Feb 4 meeting elsewhere

See the comments section for a meeting notice for 10 am Saturday, Feb 4 with Westmoreland County Concerned Citizens.

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Our private property rights are the essence of liberty. You don't want to miss this.

Many of us have expressed concern that intrusion by the federal government into state and local affairs is something that is not being addressed or even recognized. That intrusion will be framed in very personal terms at a presentation in early February in Westmoreland County about an ongoing struggle between a fellow Pennsylvanian and the EPA.

Mr. Robert Brace (Waterford, PA, Erie County), a farmer and an official in the Pennsylvania Land Owners' Association, will share his personal story about his family's ongoing struggle with the EPA. This federal bureaucracy designated portions of his farm a wetland. He was offered no compensation for this "taking." He can't farm it, but he still has to pay taxes on it.

If you're interested in hearing his story, in assessing the state of our property rights or in learning more about the Pennsylvania Land Owners Association (, then consider attending this presentation. Please call ahead and register at the number below to help the organizers with headcount.

Property Rights - Are Your Rights Secure?

Presenter: Robert Brace, Waterford, PA

Farmer and Vice-President of PA Land Owners' Association

Topic: How the EPA destroys property values

Also Speaking: State Rep. Tom Yewcic on eminent domain

Where: The Lamplighter Restaurant, 724-468-4545

Location: Route 22 in Delmont, PA

Time/Date: 10:00 AM on Saturday, February 4, 2006

Cost: $5.00 (includes coffee and pastries)

Reservations: Call LaVerne Sober at 724-837-2045