Wednesday, January 18, 2006

PA Clean Sweeper -- and 80 others gather in Penn Hills

PA Clean Sweep founder, Russ Dianmond, presented at the Penn Hills Senior Center last night to about 80 people from all around western PA. People attended from as far as Beaver.

I got to talk to a gentleman from Mt. Washington and Bridgeville. Also in the gathering was Gary English of He was one of the first to fight against the legislatvie pay raises, but not in July 2005. Rather, he began his fight against the greed in the past decade and with other pay raises prior to this one.

Four others were there who are now going to run for state house as well. And, a few others who had been candidates in past elections were present.

The PA Clean Sweep offices got six new applications from potential candidates in the past day. More and more are gearing up for their run to toss out all the members of the PA house and half of the members of the PA senate. More are needed however.

I've been talking to three potential candidates who are strongly considering a run for PA House as well. One would run against Walko, but is a Republican. Another is a Dem that lives in B.P. So, most of the people I'm talking with would be challengers for the November election.

PA Clean Sweep wants to get ONE candidate to run against each member of the Harrisburg crowd in the PRIMARY.

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