Monday, January 30, 2006

Double M in ICU

Mark Madden -- get well soon.

A Running Mate, Mike, competed in the Mark Madden wings event on Friday at Sports Rock. I sent up some prayer for his health. He had a good time and didn't get sick, thankfully. Seems that those prayers should have been offered for the host!

I'm reminded of the great basketball movie, Hoosiers. The one hospital scene features the dad of a player in the hospital to dry out while his son's squad is in the state championship game. He tunes into the game on the AM radio and jumps around on the bed, so excited for the game. Wonder if Mark is going to be that way if he is stuck in the hospital on Sunday evening this week?

I just hope he has the energy for the jumping -- and that no nurses are involved.

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Anonymous said...


Thanks. It was a good time. Next year will be better and I hope that Double M is a continue part of the Wing Bowl in Pittsburgh. I pray for his recovery.