Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Jason Altmire for Congress - About Jason Altmire

I attended Jason's kick-off to his campaign for Congress. It was a good event hosted by the Steamfitters. Nice to have the event in Pittsburgh, and out of Jason's actual congressional district. Interesting that folks come to our part of town to make big news.

Jason has experiences working at UPMC. He is going to be on top of the health care crisis that is getting worse and worse in America. That is a good start. I am interested in hearing about how he is going to attack the problems and build solutions there.
Jason Altmire for Congress - About Jason Altmire: "Age: 37"

While I was at the event I got to talk to a few people about various issues. DeFazio was there and I asked him to put in a word about the date of the special election and Pitt's spring break.

Jack Wagner's people were there too. I got the insights on his stance about the casino to pay for the hockey arena. His is a big corporate welfare deal through and through.

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Anonymous said...

I heard he had over a hundred people and gave a nice speech. Also got the unanimous union endorsement for all the counties (6?) in the district. Looks like he's in the driver's seat.