Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Halting the growth of state government -- letter sent

To: Representative Harry Readshaw
Irvis Office Building, Room 122
Harrisburg, PA 17120-2020

Dear Representative Readshaw,

The PA House of Representatives is now considering several bills that will cap spending and help to limit the growth of government.

Pennsylvania posted one of the highest rates of spending in the 1990s, but nonetheless ranks 45th in the nation when it comes to job growth and 47th in personal income growth.  Big government has certainly not led to economic prosperity in Pennsylvania!

HB 2082 is a sound proposal to begin to slow the growth of government in our state.  This bill offers good options to cap spending and keep taxes low for individuals and businesses.  I believe the House of Representatives needs to follow the Senate's example and pass this bill as soon as possible.

Government should grow no faster than the rate of inflation or the average change in personal income for Pennsylvania citizens for the previous three years.  Any budget surpluses should be returned to taxpayers in the form of tax cuts and placed in a rainy day fund.  If the rainy day fund exceeds 7.5 percent of the General Fund, then the entire surplus should go back to taxpayers.

I also ask that you support a constitutional version of HB 2082.  Two bills, SB 884 or HB 2067, will provide constitutional protections for taxpayers so that some future General Assembly cannot simply vote away spending limits.  I ask that you support either of these bills.

Please support HB 2082 and a constitutional version of this bill. They are vital for our state's future economic growth and prosperity.


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