Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Voter Protection -- Rally in Oakland on Thursday at 3 pm

A long-time, but young, political friend put out this email to me and the others running for city council. He is right on the mark. And, I thank him and the others for their efforts in this quest.
As as candidate you are well aware of the special election coming up in March to fill the District 3 City Council seat. The Univ. of Pittsburgh is in this district and college students make up over 20% of the population of the council district.

Today, (TUESDAY, Jan 10) Council President Ravenstahl began the process of setting a date for the special election and was fine with having it on March 14th. For some reason, there has been talk that the election may be moved up to March 7th, in the middle of spring break. This would disenfranchise thousands of Pitt Students!

On Thursday 1/12/06 @ 3 pm, Place: TBA City Councilman Bill Peduto, the League of Young Voters, The Stonewall Dems, The College Dems and other concerned groups will be holding a press conference and rally to compel the board of elections to hold the election on March 14 so UPitt students will be able to participate in choosing their next council rep.

I am reaching out to you to invite the candidates to the rally, it is important that the candidates for this office show they support student voting rights. (*No candidate speeches.)

I hope you will be able to attend this rally or for more information email pittsburgh@indyvoter.org or call 412/728/2197

More information about this will be made available on Wednesday 1/11/06, STAY TUNED!!!

I talked with K.M. on Grant Street asking him to help to organize some meetings in Oakland to talk about the issues. As of now, none have been scheduled.

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Maria said...

The P-G is reporting today that the election will be on the 7th...this is just wrong.

I hope that you (and all the candidates) make that rally.