Saturday, January 14, 2006

Job posting at Bloomfield Garfield Corp

An interesting job posting is in the comments.

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Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation

5129 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15224

412.441.9833 (phone) or 412.441.6918 (fax)

Job Announcement

The Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation (BGC) is a nonprofit community organization based in the Garfield neighborhood whose mission is to better the social, economic and physical fabric of the Bloomfield, Garfield and Friendship neighborhoods by engaging and inspiring members of the community.

About the Project: This project, in partnership with Wireless Neighborhoods, is designed to expand and coordinate community and faith-based collaborative planning efforts with the Pittsburgh Public Schools to target and remedy the pronounced academic deficiencies of the city’s African-American and lower income children. BGC is seeking to hire a staff member who will be responsible for working with the BGC’s Youth Development Director and partnering organizations to drive this community organizing effort around the Pittsburgh Public School’s creation of “Accelerated Academies.”

Job Description for Community Development Specialist: Responsible for the coordination and implementation of a change strategy leading to the advancement of academic achievement levels of students who will be attending the soon-to-be-created “Accelerated Academies.” Familiarity with the Pittsburgh Public School system and student curriculum is highly desirable. A certain degree of creativity and self-initiative is required for the position.

Ability To:

* Assist with complex academic development issues for local youth education organizations;
* Network on a variety of organizational and administrative levels;
* Work across diverse community and neighborhood settings;
* Coordinate assigned activities with key stakeholders in the community;
* Strengthen and build upon existing relationships with various foundation, nonprofit and for-profit entities;
* Analyze situations accurately and recommend an effective course of action;
* Work independently with a minimum of daily supervision;
* Assist with the development of project implementation schedules and/or timelines;
* Plan and organize work tasks to meet schedules and/or timelines set for project implementation;
* Continuously monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of programmatic service delivery for the “Accelerated Academies;”
* Create persuasive written and verbal documents; and
* Compile and prepare reports, RFP's, and other documents.

Education and Experience:

Requires a bachelor’s degree in social work or a related area with at least 4 years of experience in the field or in a related area. Masters degree in education, social work, public policy is desirable.

Working Conditions:

The candidate must have the flexibility to occasionally attend early morning or evening meetings and/ or events. Must have reliable transportation.

Benefits: This is a one-year grant funded position with an annual compensation of $36,000 + health benefits. Possible multi-year funding could become available.

To apply, please email your resume along with a writing sample, cover letter and three professional references to or fax 412.441.6918. Start date: ASAP.