Thursday, January 19, 2006

Running Mates -- let's think about the sale of the Penguins. We could buy it if we wanted.

Okay, just two days after my press release was hand delivered to Craig Patrick of the Penguins, we see a front page headline that the Penguins are for sale. My one friend at school said I had great vision to issue the press release when I did.

Today I mingled with a lot of bankers and investment types and put this on the table for them to consider. I re-sent them the press release with this new footnote.

Footnote and CALL made at the gathering of the Economic Club of Pittsburgh:

Today's P-G headline say Penguins are for sale. If you are interested in meeting with me to play with the concept of a purchase of the NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins and reform the team's ownership with a sell-off with public shares of stock similar to the ownership of the NFL's Green Bay Packers, call or email me. The penguin character, Tux, is the mascot for the open-source software LINUX. The same should be proposed for our beloved Penguins.
P-G: Penguins put up for sale: "Penguins put up for sale Lemieux says sales process 'just starting'"

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