Saturday, January 28, 2006

Thinking Again isn't within the Penguin's Capacity, Brainpower, or Freedom

It is do or die with the Penguins as they have lost the capacity to think again. That stinks. It stinks like a last place team in a league that didn't play at all last year. It stinks like a team in a league where fights on the ice are common -- but fights with ideas in the public realm are off the table.

Mario is now retired from the on-ice action of the NHL. He didn't hang up his skates. He won't get into another professional game, but he is still in the mix as owner and champion.

We need Mario and the Penguins to think again. We need everyone in this setting to have the capacity to think again. If they won't -- we need to demand it of them, repeatedly.

We can't let anyone just fall to the margins of life as we don't have anyone or anything to waste. We need all hands on deck. We need everyone to do a part. Sitting on your brains and limited our options isn't okay with me.

If the contract with Isle of Capri cuts off your freedom to think -- shame on you. Wake up. Think again.


Mark Rauterkus said...

I don't blame the Penguins for much, except a bad season of hockey. But, the Pens could just go out and buy the land and build their own arena. They purchased the land next to the Mellon Arena. Perhaps we'd even sell them the parking area near the Mellon Arena too.

Don't blame the Penguins for lack of action on an arena

I read the Jan. 27 article "Penguins Wedded to Capri's Casino Plan," which left me deeply distressed at what Gov. Ed Rendell is saying. He stated that he, Mayor Bob O'Connor and Allegheny County Chief Executive Dan Onorato cannot discuss a way to build a new arena without the Penguins' participation.

They have all had the opportunity to do so in the past eight years and have not done so. Now they are saying that it is the Penguins' fault that they are not going to find a way to build a taxpayer-funded arena? Does this mean that if Isle of Capri is not awarded the slots license and the Penguins leave town that they will never be able to discuss how to build a publicly funded arena? How stupid does Gov. Rendell think the people of Pittsburgh are?

They can do this without the Penguins' participation. Gov. Rendell is just using this as an excuse so that he can say it's the Penguins' fault that he, Mr. O'Connor and Mr. Onorato couldn't get a publicly funded arena built to keep the team in Pittsburgh. Why even worry about using taxpayer money when there is a way to build an arena with 100 percent private money?

If these officials are serious about keeping the Penguins here and getting a new arena for Pittsburgh they should all get behind the Isle of Capri proposal. The real question is why won't they?


Editor's note: The writer is the co-founder of the Slots for Mario Web site.

Mark Rauterkus said...

The Pens could buy land near the old airport and build a new arena there.

The Pens could buy land in Hazelwood and build a new arena there too.

flyingoyster said...

The Station Square plan makes the rich richer without truly benefiting the city (more restaurants and bars in an area with...RESTAURANTS AND BARS!!).

The city will need a new arena - with or without the Penguins. If the slots commission does NOT give the license to Isle of Capri, the taxpayers will have to pay for a new arena in a few years and it will only be for concerts & ice shows as the most frequent users (currently) will be in Portland, Kansas City or (ironically enough) Las Vegas.

As far as the old airport - building a frequent use facility (like a baseball field or indoor 18K seat arena) in the city is a necessity. On the other hand, Heinz Field should have been put out by the old airport, or in Washington County or SOMETHING. The rarely used monstrosity on the North Side is a waste of space.