Friday, January 13, 2006

Mayor hesitant to pass on health costs -

Six of one, half-dozen for the other?
Mayor hesitant to pass on health costs - "His attitude mirrors that of former Mayor Tom Murphy, whose $418 million 2006 budget proposal was shot down twice by the state-appointed board because he refused to saddle those workers with a $130,000 increase in health care costs this year."
When Murphy and O'Connor were and are at the helm -- the same outcomes persist. The men are different. But, in this instance, the policies are the same.

Let's see if this is a trend, or not.

Those on Grant Street need to "Think Again." The oversight board said so. A re-do is needed to please them. Some other solution has to come forth from Grant Street budget brokers.

So, the question boils down to creativity. Is Bob going to have a clever solution that protects the low-paid, hard-working employees from taking that punch in the health-care co-pay? Or, does Bob linger in the same rut, already cut by others, but without enough energy to fix a different course?

We need new perspectives to fix these ills. I can bring those long-range visions to council and to Grant Street. This is a fitness, wellness, health-care issue. This is a time for MORE creativity and prudence in the pocket-book. Think again, and we'll be watching.

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