Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hartford is nice

Hartford suitor ready to woo Penguins - First it was Kansas City, and now it's Hartford, Conn., that wants the team if it can't get a new arena in Pittsburgh.
Hartford is wailing.

What is to say that the Pens would NOT leave even IF we build them a new arena?

The lease helps ground the team in the area -- right?

Well, better than a lease to a building that the Pens would NOT own -- how about if the team has a building of its own and then that building acts as real roots to the area.

Let's not build a new arena and have the arena's ownership be anything other than the Penguins. The Penguins should own the new arena.

School buildings should be owned by the school district. Homes should be owned by homeowners. Commercial buildings should be owned by businesses. Parks should be owned by a park district. New toll roads should not be owned by Australian Investors. But, out of the list, the last one is not such a bad deal as they can't move the highway.

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