Saturday, April 08, 2006

Mayor opens dialogue -

Mayor opens dialogue - Stephen Opara, 17, a senior at Taylor Allderdice High School in Squirrel Hill, told O'Connor that students need more recreation centers and summer job opportunities.
A commission that meets four to six times a year should really be called a 'pep rally.' Others might call it a photo opportunity too.

Of course we need more Rec Center engagement. Of course we need more educational enrichment. Of course we need jobs -- such as lifeguarding -- in the summer months. Those items, ranging from youth technology to dynamic aquatic programs are near and dear to my heart -- and to the soul of the future of this city.

I think probably we should listen to students more often than we do -- and I include myself in the group that should probably do that more often," said Pittsburgh Public Schools Superintendent Mark Roosevelt, who chatted with O'Connor and students.
Right on. Think again.

But Mr. Roosevelt -- how about if you start by doing a way better job in your communication activities with the school teachers. Send them a blasted email or two -- each week. And, allow them to communicate among themselves as well.

I hate to see the boss of the schools on his knees trying to beg for student to superintendent communications when there is much more to be done among faculty and administration, administration and parents, and administration and tax payers.

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