Saturday, April 08, 2006 - O'Connor Puts Hold On Plans To Expand Police Force - O'Connor Puts Hold On Plans To Expand Police Force Right now, the city has 814 officers and 45 cadets will start field training next week.
Glass is half full -- not half empty.

The headline, O'Connor Puts HOLD on Plans to Expand Police Force, is wrong if you just read the article. When you do the math, + 45 + 814 = 859. That is a net gain -- and movement to 900.

I hate to see the twisted reporting. Move Saks (as blog says below) is media expansion and I say it is NOT a net gain. But, add 45 officers is called a a HOLD by the media, and I say it is a gain!

When the MATH is in question -- and the outcomes are at odds with the truth -- we've got some serious watchdog problems still lurking.

Another 45 officers in a month or two is going to be 'perfect.'

Heck we are already due to get more video monitors, cameras and robots. And, we've already got new river frogmen and high-speed air boats -- all in time for the All-Stars. Those acts are hardly "PUTS HOLD ON PLANS" if you ask me.

Another 'under current' (pun intended) is the fear that dangles about too many rookies hitting the streets in some tinderbox neighborhoods. The zone commanders have shifted. The city has some fragile areas that could spiral out of control if a few acts get out of hand.

Let's pray some more.

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