Sunday, April 02, 2006

Tips on crime prevention from South Side

Thefts from vehicles are still are a problem in the South Side around 14-18th streets. Don't leave anything of value in view in your car.

Wallets and purses are being taken out of shopping carts at the Giant Eagle in Wharton Square on the South Side. If you are going to place your purse in the cart, wrap the child restraints through the handle and lock. Make it very difficult to quickly remove the purse without drawing attention to the act. Additionally, make it more difficult to unzip the purse and remove the wallet.
Selling swords might be one way to diminish theft at a shop. Those who might swipe a purse would 'think again.' In the photo, Grant is checking out some wares in China. He wanted to bring home a functional blade, an old-style light sabre. But airport security might have caused some problems for us.

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