Sunday, April 02, 2006

P-G hits two topics: 'Moblogging' trend and God-podcasting

Airport Blogging... and looking to heaven.
The P-G hits on technology, twice, in the same day.
TechMan: 'Moblogging' trend makes mobile Web posting possible ... pronounced 'mo-blogging,' rather than 'mob-blogging,' as it's a combination of the terms 'mobile' and 'blogging.'

For years, I was a webmaster at my religious community, Now the church administrator does some of the work and our minister is shy about the use of the net. I called, in an unsuccessful way, for podcasts of messages from the services. But, few others in the congregation supported it. Some did -- but hardly the board. Now the Sunnyhill blog is just a few points here and there to hold onto the namespace. As a point of irony, after today's fine service by Sue R, others were asking for the speaker notes, a GREAT use of the net. Oh well.
Churches turn to 'Godcasting' Churches turn to 'Godcasting'

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