Sunday, April 02, 2006

West Wing talks of bloggers

Josh, the character on NBC's West Wing, hits the roof in the show when a blogger predicts on election day that his guy is going to win three states. It was a funny quip. "How many people read this blog?"

Blogging is sorta important to an election -- but not really important.

On one hand I can feel for the show's characters who get to the finish line and are just spent. I don't think I took a nap on the recent election day, like the Santos character did. But, I know I did in a past race when I was on the ballot. And, I did need about two weeks to get over the race -- in what I call a 'decompresion' period.

So, a summmertime favorite of ours, 'lump camp' came early around here for me due to the March 14 election.

But, on the other hand, this time when I was a candidate, I ran and kept a good bit of the powder dry. I understood my role in the race and knew that it would not be worth the effort to burn out, rack up debt and feak out as they did in the TV show.

Others in the race, to their credit and debt, did run themselves into the ground. The post-election reports are due soon. Our went in last week. I kept it under $250 again and filled out the short form.

My POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEES -- PACs -- have been 'closed.'

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