Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Another call for signature helpers from Harold & David Posipanka

Dear Fellow Libertarians:

David Posipanka, of Homestead (Allegheny County's Mon Valley area), is the only Libertarian in the Pittsburgh area running for office under the LP label. He's running for the State House, district 35, against the incumbent Democrat, Marc Gergely.

David needs at least 300 valid signatures on his nomination papers, and spent much of last weekend out gettting them for himeself. But, he has only until Aug 1st to get them all turned in to Harrisburg. He could use lots of help. Below is a letter he sent me, asking for help.

Running candidates is what we're supposed to be doing as a party. So, I ask you to consider whether a few hours of your time on a weekend (or weekday) is too much to ask. I hope you'll make every effort to get out and collect some signatures for him. He's an excellent candidate -- someone you'd be proud to have represent your views to the public.

He'd be happy -- no, ecstatic -- to have you call and ask him where a good place to petition would be. Two years ago, I got lots of signatures for him at a Giant Eagle behind Kennywood Park. But he will likely have some better ideas.

His contact info is in his letter below.

Subject: signatures
From: posipanka, david

Harold...just an FYI...I have 125 signatures so far. I'm working till 5 this evening & intend to go back to Longfellow Drive in Munhall (I should get there about 5:20) to canvass till about 8:00. I'm getting about 25 signatures per hour there! Please forward my phone numbers to anyone interested in helping out. Home (412) 464-0660 evenings. Work (412) 673-1992 ext. 219 daytime. Cell (412) 983-5451 - weekends & when I'm getting signatures! Maybe you can send this e-mail to all on your distribution list. All Libertarians in the PGH area - please help! Thanks.....Dave.

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