Sunday, July 09, 2006

Legends & celebrities: Fun and a game ... but mostly fun

Another reason why swimming is so much better than baseball will ever be.
The legends & celebrities: Fun and a game ... but mostly fun 'The best thing about the whole day is showering with the former players.'


Thomas Leturgey said...

Swimming better than baseball? Apples and oranges, my friend. There aren't legendary stories about swimming...fathers and sons sharing a lap around the Olympic sized pool. Swimming, while a fabulous way to get some exercise, it NOT magical experience with characters aplenty.

Jimmy Kimmel is a darned good comedian. His "showering" comment is humor...and fun to boot!

I'll send you some pics from Section 309!

Anonymous said...


Perhaps your story applies to "baseball" as it was, not what it is...and what it continues to be. I used to be a HUGE baseball fan, not anymore.

Mark is right on...

Experiences in the pool carry on to life much more than watching overpaid drug users/wife beaters/and huge egos. Granted, I realize this is not most of baseball, but this is the image that I see as an adult. I don't want my kids idolizing them.

Mark as a coach has a great perspective.

And as parents, we are all coaches on some level.

Enjoy the game. Try to guess which players have stopped using roids and have switched to HGH.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Do upload the photos.

And, swimming, does have a rich history. Ben Franklin was the worlds first swimming coach.

In the 1928 Olympics, there were swimmers on the US team that went to Amsterdam from HOMESTEAD, PA. And, again in 1932. We had national champions from Pittsburgh well before the Homestead Grays were famous.

The swim pool at the Carnegie Library of Homestead, more than 100 years old, is, I think, the oldest indoor swimming pool in North America. They've got nothing older in New York, nor in Philly, nor in Chicago.

How bout Buster Crab? What about Tarzan?

And, there are many times every day -- all around the world -- where you need to swim to save your life. When do you ever need to hit a curve ball or else -- say die?