Monday, July 10, 2006

PoliticsOnline - News, Tools & Strategies

PoliticsOnline - News, Tools & Strategies 'The on and off-line world of politics are no longer separate
realities...the leaders on the web are leading the world.'
- Phil Noble, founder PoliticsOnline
Call for this year's list of the 10 who are changing the world of internet and politics.

By the way, don't nominate me. I don't want to go to Paris France in October -- as I'm still scratching my head about the sportsmanship shown in the World Cup match with that head butt. So, I'm going to renew my "France, no thanks, pledge" that has served me well my entire life.

Besides, I'm going to be working to change the world in October with my own campaign for PA Senate. I don't need to take time out of that race for the award, this year.

Where is the award going to be given in 2007? By then, the wiki might hit 2,000 pages.

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