Thursday, July 20, 2006

S. Side group backs Station Square casino plan

File this under the category: "You can't bite the hand that feeds you."

I didn't attend the press event at 10 am at Cafe Allegro, but would have wanted to had I not been at swim practice until noon. Reactions from others welcome, about the facts.

I don't put a lot of 'faith' into the acts of the SSLDC. I've been at odds with them most of the time. They don't really represent citizens. Yet they (SSLDC) would try to grab that power and credit. They are a group in our community. But the SSLDC does not represent the community.

The SSLDC has been pushing the "south sider bus," funded by the Station Square money. Remember the folly of the Ultra Violet Loop. We're talking same sillyness.

The SSLDC must figure, and perhaps rightly so, that the Station Square project has some upside. But, if they are on the outside, their wishes won't get the play. So, they've sold their soul to the devel -- or just sold out by taking the first land grab.

Them theirs gold in thar hills -- and we're grabbing for it.
S. Side group backs Station Square casino plan: "S. Side group backs Station Square casino plan
Community group to receive money from developer

Thursday, July 20, 2006
By Mark Belko, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The South Side Development Co. today endorsed Forest City Enterprises' proposal for a slots casino at Station Square and agreed to work with the developer on the impact of the casino if it is built.
Months and months ago, folks were trying to sway me to embrace the Isle of Capri plan by coming out strongly against the Station Square location for gambling. That thinking is twisted in its own way too.

I'll need to get to the heart of the matter in the next posting, as to if they are putting on the pressure to do the right things -- or just worry about facade elements and roofs that are not black. So, my question to my neighbors and the SSLDC folks -- is this a skin deep endorsement as expected or is there some real issues that are being tackled?

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