Sunday, July 16, 2006

Point State Park renovations = ABSURD

Foolish looks like this:
Point State Park renovation to displace big events: "Arts Festival, Regatta, fireworks, Dollar Bank Jamboree to be shut out"
Really, really foolish looks like Fontana and Wheatley giving slaps on the back to each other for bringing home the pork in yet another project that won't have any hope of improving our lives.
Jeepers. These guys are clueless.

On the same day, the P-G had an article about Point State Park closing to the Three Rivers Arts Festival, fireworks, Jamboree, and Regatta -- it had another article in the wake of the All-Star Game about sustaining the forward progress the city had made in cration of some 'buzz' with tourists and the hoopla.

The All-Star Game and Fanfest and that 'big sport spectator-ville, red-carpet hype' has little appeal to me from the outset. It isn't what I'm about, yet I can appreciate its glitz as a pathway to a destination of 'Tickle-town USA.' Big farting deal to that, yet to each his or her own.

But then we are to let another turd into our common well of community with the year-long closing of Point State Park and allow them to call it 'progress.' What's up with that? And let's do the 'big dig' tunnel at the same time.

Before one was able to ride from Mt. Lebo and get off the T-stop at Gateway Center, go to a pep rally at Point State Park, and walk to a Steeler game over the Ft. Pitt bridge, on the sidewalk, with a fresh funnel cake from the push carts that could have been at the entrance of Point State Park.

In seasons to come, the Black & Gold nation pep rally will be held at a Park-and-Ride in Peters Township, with door-to-door service to Heinz Field so as to skip the downtown pedestrian hassle.

Think again.

But with the true cost of the ride on the T factored in, we might as well try to license passenger service for that ride from suburbia to the stadiums to the Hooters franchise. And while we're at it, lets insist that all ticket scalpers stand next to the Nacho vendors on the jail-trail keeping an eye out for the rewards for narking on the hidden homeless who missed the call from homeland security sitting service and private security guards employed by the casino.

The web they are weaving is getting tighter on our collective choke points.

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