Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Too many Steelers have died in 40s and 50s -- Roids? KDKA news

The Steelers get some good coverage with Big Ben doing a music video with the local band. "I'm mister right now!"

Then the KDKA TV coverage at 11 pm went into the more fatal news of the number of ex-Steelers who have departed this Earth. Dr. C. W., ex-coroner, chimed in too and put the issue on the table about steroids. Or, does steroids get mentioned out of envy?

My question for others to research: How many of the former athletes in East Germany have died? Are those numbers greater or less than that of the Steelers?

Lyle Alyzato (sp?) died and he was gulping a lot of pills in his day. A chapter in a book I published had a first-person encounter with him and his pharmacy. Toxic to say the least.

Wonder if that story will have any legs? Links welcomed.

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