Thursday, July 13, 2006

Small Brain Behaviors are NOT welcomed in our public arena

Clean Sweeper on a bike and feeling tidy.

Question: Shouldn't the goal be to get elected and THEN you could push for changes from the inside?

Not for me. And, not for the sake of my kids, their peers, and their kids.

I want to live in a world where there are NOT "insiders" and "outsiders." I want a world where people stand and fall on their own merits. When that happens, our public life is going to be much better.

When we are more able to elect great candidates regardless of the person's party designation, then we're going to soar in Western PA and throughout the state. When people have the real freedom to associate without fear of being less effective, then we'll be stronger too.

So, part of this fight, for me, is to fight against small brain behaviors from fellow citizens who are too quick to put labels on others and keep tiny, neat, small boxes around people and ideas that should NOT be there.

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