Thursday, July 27, 2006

Last Summer Meet -- All Stars: We won by 26 points

The All-Star Swim Meet was last night. I left before all the counting of points was finished. Today I saw Coach Mike with another tall trophy, a 2-foot hunk of hardware. We won. The Crafton Swim Team won all its dual meets, and both the Championships and All-Star Meets. Plus, we even won the Relay Carnival Meet.

We are the Champions! :)

The meet was good. We had a few older kids while the other team's didn't. That would have given us some decent points.

Very few of our kids had DQs. In the Champioship meet, our team had only 2. That was the least among the entire league. We were legal as well in the All-Stars, mostly.

Today was our first day of a three day water polo clinic at the end of the regular swim season. We had 11 kids play. It was fun. Grant learned how to do the egg beater kick. He said on the way home that 'You were right. It is a lot easier with the egg beater.'

Did some passing drills: Pick up the ball from the bottom. Pass to the other player's head with a high loop. Receive the ball by reaching high and absorbing the pass. Then we played 5 on 5 half court with 8 outs to an inning. When another person cam, with a red cap, she became all time offense. We matched up man-to-man by size and had 7 year olds to adults and a few of the big guys too in there. It all worked.

Today we played without a goalie. Our goals are the guard base of the guard chairs. The third rung of the ladder is the cross-bar. So you have to hit below there. I marked it with a bit of orange duck tape. I might make cardboard goals yet. Then it would be more clear if the ball hit the right spots for a goal.

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