Sunday, July 16, 2006 wiki tops 1,000 pages and 122,148 home page visitors

Tell us about, who you are, where you live, work, play, organize and worship, and what organizations you watch and interact with.
Your input is welcomed. Go to the Wiki,, and start editing. The famous Wikipedia effort has a NPV, (neutral point of view). Meanwhile, my -- err, our wiki project, has a different slant in that it takes ALL POINTS of VIEW. So, you can feel free to put your rants about people, places, issues, solutions, and visions on the wiki on their own page or else blended with the discussion pages.

Furthermore, feel free to set links to your blog rants on suitable pages within the If you've ranted about 'Highland Park' or 'Bill Peduto' -- you can add your blog link under the Links --> Blogs of suitable pages.

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