Thursday, July 06, 2006

Some footnotes of our life

Yes, the wi-fi plan for Pittsburgh still sucks. They can try to put lipstick on a pig, but you still end up with nothing to brag about. If you want to blog about it -- do so, please.

That relay meet that was on the weekend -- and I wasn't at all excited to attend -- is over. We won by one point. Wow. I'm still not that happy about the meet's format, in general. There are better thing to do for the meet and I'll try to write up something for other members in the league for next year. And, I'd love to have that done in a few weeks, in advance of the championships.

Last night, we (Crafton) beat Mt. Lebo. I love beating Mt. Lebo. The meet was at our pool and was well run -- and we beat them by more than 200 points. Lebo did do a good job in a number of their races -- but mostly, it was our night.

Grant, my 8 year old, needed to swim up an age group as 10 and under. He still got first place in the 25 breast. Way to go.

Erik was in a very tight IM and cooked the competition in the breast and the pushoff to freestyle. Very Phelps-ish. But, he didn't have the killer finish that was needed to pull out a charge and win by a stroke. It was a touch, and I'm not sure who won, to be honest. Results and ribbons to come in a few days.

We purchased three lifejackets. We'll need them shortly.

The kids also got some new swim suits and I got a new pair of open water swim goggles. Toys are good.

I'm getting a nice pay day for all this coaching I'm doing. It does take a toll on getting to go elsewhere, like to City Council meetings.

Okay -- the 4th of July and the visit from Russ Diamind was a big success. We walked in the parade in Brentwood with the STOP folks. Lots of people came out -- even in the rain. Enjoyed some time elsewhere with others as well.

The press conference photos and message from me will come online shortly.

Our house party was a lot of fun as well. We got the four badminton courts put up on the park, as usual. Had lots of folks bring in the munchies. Nice mix of folks from neighbohood to church to university to political friends to our special guest, Russ Diamond.

Russ had some interesting discussions with a few other friends as well. One with Dan Sullivan on the 3rd and another with Wilburn Hayden about healthcare issues on the 4th. Those were important conversations and much more may come of those ideas. We were planting valued seeds.

We went to the fireworks on the 3rd in Cranegie -- and got 50 or more signatures and had lots of fun conversation with voters at the park.


StillWater said...

Wow, thats interesting that a woman consumes over 4 to 9 lbs of lipstick in her lifetime! Here is the link that I found that shows all of the research:

Philip Shropshire said...

Why does the wi fi plan suck and will it cover Wilkinsburg?

Mark Rauterkus said...

The wi-fi plan only covers sidewalks and first floors spaces near doorways downtown. It won't cover Wilkinsburg.... It won't cover rivers, bridges, where people live nor where people really need it.

It won't cover the business community where security is an issue.

It won't help economic development. It is lame. It was to be here by the All Star Game -- and they even failed at that with their over hype and under performance.

A real wi-fi plan would cover the entire region.