Friday, July 14, 2006

Tom Lingenfelter says “LET’S KICK BUTT”

Gov. Ed Rendell stated in April that he signed the pay raise because
sometimes “YOU HAVE TO KISS A LITTLE BUTT” – but Lt. Gov. Candidate Tom
Lingenfelter thinks Gov. Rendell has it all wrong and has made a campaign
promise to be the first butt kicking Lt. Gov. in PA history.

Lingenfelter and his running mate, Independent for Governor Russ Diamond, must clear the first hurdle of getting 67,070 voters to sign petitions to get on the ballot by July 29. This legislative requirement is 65,070 MORE signatures then needed by Rendell and Lynn Swann to get on the ballot!

Lingenfelter said his petition drive “Let’s Kick Butt” is asking concerned Pennsylvanians to get off their butts and get a little exercise collecting signatures to put Independent butt kickers, Diamond and Lingenfelter, on the ballot.

Ed Rendell has made it clear that his vote is for sale. Lingenfelter said “the midnight pay raise that legislators gave themselves, supported and signed by Rendell, has shown Pennsylvanians that the buying and selling of power must not be tolerated., founded by Diamond to “vote ‘em all out” is leading the charge to clean house in Harrisburg.

Fifty encumbent lawmakers have already been kicked in the butt and will not be returning next year. The chief payjacker, Ed Rendell, also needs to receive a swift one where it will do the most good. Lynn Swann, the GOP candidate, who has aligned himself with ousted payjacker Senator Jubelirer and the other half of the political duopoly, will not be doing any kicking.

Butt, it all comes down to 67,000 signatures. Lingenfelter, a former USA Counter-intelligence Special Agent and a real butt kicker said, “if you want to ‘kick butt’ give him a call at 215-230-5330 or check-in at and join Pennsylvania’s Butt Kicking team.

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