Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Notary Rejection

This came in via email:
A volunteer for the campaign of Russ Diamond attempted to get a petition notarized in the office of Rep. Stanley E. Saylor (R-94)
today, but was refused. The constituent lives in the 94th Assembly district.

A call to the Cape Horn Plaza office by David Lynn, the campaign's Assistant Treasurer (that's me) confirmed that the staff was unsure whether or not nominating petitions could be notarized by the Assemblyman's staff.

If you think that's as ludicrous as it sounds, send Rep. Saylor an email at You can also call him and tell him what a great job he and his staff are doing. You can also call him at 717-244-9232 (Red Lion, PA) or 717-783-6426 (Harrisburg, PA.)

If possible, I plan to seek this notary's commission. If I'm not mistaken, a notary should be able to notarize any legal document, regardless of its content.
I'm going to take a few pages of my petitions to a local state rep in the next day or two to see if I get the same treatment.

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