Sunday, July 16, 2006

On the road again. New footnotes from life with and among the Running Mates

I've got to attend this event in the Boston area next month. Anyone else what to join me there? We won't be able to travel together, but I'd love to hook up with folks at that event. I'm not sure I'll be able to attend all three days, but I do want to go.
Road trip expected to Wikimania in Cambridge, Mass, in August 2006 (click for more insights).
Today I gave a kiss and hug to my wife and kids -- and they left town for a week. They are attending our annual church camp without me. This is the first time we've done this split for such a long time. So, I'm home alone with two cats. Grant was sad to leave his kitten behind, by the way.
Amy Carol Webb at the SUUSI bookstore in a past year.
Missing SUUSI is a big deal for me. I'll miss concerts by some of our best musical friends: Amy Carol Webb, Joe Jencks, Greg Greenway, and Mindy Simmons. Mindy and her son spent last night with and she's in a mini-car caravan with my wife as they make the 7 hour trip to Blacksburg. She left only AFTER I got a copy of her new CD, "If It Were Up To Me." It is wonderful and very politically engaged.

The title song, If It Were Up To Me, the world would be... Then Alice, after Alice In Wonderland, about the war. The tune, One World, that has been on my campaign CDs is the third track. Then, Try A Little Faith. Perhaps I should blog about the CD in length later. It is great. Her songs can be very pointed -- but not too over the top. Her voice is like silk.

Last night Mindy joined us along with Don Anderson to talk about an event in the fall -- we hope. Mindy does a 2-hour concert, a tribute to PEGGY LEE. Don Anderson and I were able to noodle about a special event -- and Don does a good job doing Sanatra. Don is a much better singer than Sanatra these days as Sanatra is dead. Today Don Anderson is at the Borders up 28 at Mills. He shared some of the backstage details of his act with Mindy and I and they traded insights.

Seems Peggy Lee and Frank Sanatra did perform together in real life. It could happen again.
Miss Mindy Simmons -- looking the part of Peggy Lee without the mole.

A local politician, state rep Michael Diven, a former opponent of mine in the PA Senate race in May 2005, has gotten into some hot water for getting dead people to sign his nomination petitions to get onto the ballot. This is old news to the political junkies out there. But the new news is the fact that I'm not going to overlook the dead people when it comes to my campiagn in 2006. No sir! I'm door knocking in heaven -- with the help of the spirit of Peggy Lee. If dead people are going to vote on November 7, 2006, I'm going to count on their support and vote.

I'm not asking them to sign my petitions, however.

Speaking of getting signatures for access to the ballot for the next election, that's where I should be now. One of the reasons I stayed home and didn't attend the weeklong out of state camp is because I'm going to hit the streets, fulltime, to get voters' signatures on my nomination papers. This act helps me, of course, as well as fellow INDEPENDENT candidate, Russ Diamond. Diamond is running for Governor. I'm the only Independent candidates in PA that is running for PA Senate on the Russ Diamond ticket. Others throughout PA are seeking PA House seats.

Today I'm hopeful to attend events in Polish Hill, South Side Works, Schenley Park (grand prix), Crafton (movie) and hit a swim pool or another park along the way. I already went to a church service too.

But, I could really use some company at these events throughout the week. Anyone want to help on WEDNESDAY night -- or SATURDAY morning, especially, let me know. We've got swim meets then and I'm sure I can get another 50 to 100 signatures in an hour or two at both instances.

On Saturday morning, we had our biggest swim meet of the season, a dual meet at Scott Township -- and our team, The Crafton Crocs, won! It was great to see so many of the kids on our side do so well. The depth of our team really showed. Many first year swimmers really got the hang of the sport this year and are putting together some inspirational races with smooth strokes and strong conditioning.

Crafton won by about 70 points. It was close for a swim meet.

This was the year Scott was to win it all, so they hoped. On paper, at the outset of the year, they had a good chance. But, we really have had a good summer of pushing our kids to faster times and it showed. In some races Scott got first place, but Crafton got 2nd, 3rd and 4th. So, looks like Crafton is going to win the dual meet championships again, in our 5 team league.

We practiced all week, to prep for the Scott meet, without starting blocks. But, we show up and they've got blocks installed. It was the first time ever. Great gamemanship there!

Grant, my 8-and-under breastroke speedster, did have a bit of trouble again, navigating to the 2-handed finish. Ouch. Rob Perkey, a state swimmer who just graduated, put his feet on the deck on a flip turn too. So, we'll have to do some extras to prep for the Championships, next Saturday, also at Scott.

My wife and kids will be home Friday night, we hope. Then Saturday is the Championship meet. So, their one-week taper takes hold while at camp.

Seems one of the traditions of the Crafton team is a team banquet slide show. Can't wait. Hope to get a copy of that one disk and share it here or at another URL. I'm not so swift at taking photos and coaching at the same time. Stay tuned.

The team photos did come, and they look splendid. Stay tuned 2. Erik was on his trip to an Amish vegie field on team photo day -- so some "GIMP" touch-ups are necessary to get his head in there. I don't use Photoshop. GIMP is the open source alternative.

Last year I was finishing the Pittsburgh Triathlon and then sleeping in the car as we drove to SUUSI, my wife behind the wheel. I was spent after the race and we arrived a bit late. But this year the triathlon is in August. But, it seems I'll be out of town for the race in 2006.

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