Saturday, July 29, 2006

Libertarians support political choice in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Libertarian Party is major participant in Harrisburg Ballot Access Rally
Harrisburg, PA – The Pennsylvania Libertarian Party in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Ballot Access Coalition ( will present a "New Choices for Pennsylvania" Rally on Tuesday, August 1st at noon inside the Harrisburg Rotunda of the Main Capitol Building at Commonwealth and Forster.

This Rally will mark the end of the petitioning season in Pennsylvania as all petitions are due August 1st.

Speakers for this event will include

· Tom Martin, Libertarian Party candidate for US Senator

· Russ Diamond, Independent candidate for Governor

· Hagan Smith, Constitution Party candidate for Governor

· Marakay Rogers, Green Party candidate for Governor.

Also in attendance will be Jim Babb, Libertarian candidate for the 157th State Representative district and Jeff Brindle, Socialist Party candidate for the 26th State Representative district.

The rally celebrates party voices and opinions outside the two old parties because they may be silenced after August 1st. Due to the ballot access crisis in Pennsylvania, this may be the last time they can identify themselves as candidates.

All independents and parties other than the Democrats and Republicans must obtain an astronomical amount of petition signatures to be included on the Pennsylvania General Election Ballot. This number varies every year in Pennsylvania based on an arcane formula of two percent of the highest state-wide total from the last election. The required number this year is 67,070 which makes Pennsylvania the second worst state in the nation for ballot access.

By contrast, statewide Democrat and Republican candidates always need only 2,000 signatures to qualify for the Primary Election ballot, and the winners need no additional signatures to be listed on the General Election ballot.

The Ballot Access Coalition has been pursuing a legislative remedy to this problem. Our bill, the Voters' Choice Act, is based on Delaware's reasonable ballot access law. Unfortunately, the VCA is locked in our legislature's State Government committee

Another consortium of Pennsylvania political parties is pursuing a legal remedy. Their appeal was heard on July 10th in Federal Court and they are awaiting the decision.

Thus, this is your last chance to hear the above individuals speak as candidates since Pennsylvania's incumbent protection policy is at work to officially exclude them from your November ballot.

For further information on the New Choices for Pennsylvania rally, contact 610-543-8427

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Mark Rauterkus said...

I'll be attending this rally in spirit.